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David Stockman – China’s Monumental Ponzi: Here’s How It Unravels
One of the BEST articles that I have read in many months that summarizes superbly that gigantic credit bubble and inefficiency of the whole Chinese economy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

David Stockman – The Keynesian State-Wreck Ahead: Sundown In America

This is a very long, but extremely well written essay that covers the ugly truth the state of the U.S. economy, the built-in corruption, and the the welfare for the ultra-rich:

Documentary – Collapse

This is the documentary of the month, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, covering everything from drugs, corruption, monetary and economic collapse, the dollar, peak oil, geopolitics and war, crisis survival etc. The original link already disappeared!! This is an alternative link – watch it ASAP or download it while it is still available: 

John Rubino – Developing Crisis In The Developing World

This could be potentially one of the most important developments of the year: a developing crisis in the developing world. The other big story is the developing crisis in Japan. The third is the ongoing crisis in Greece and Spain. This article needs some careful reading: